Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dyer Fam

Ok, this is driving me crazy now.  Why are these pictures so grainy on the last couple of posts?  I don't understand.  If any of you have any bright ideas that will help me, I'd be happy to hear them.  It's weird because if you click on them, they don't look grainy, or at least on my screen! :)

Anyway, this is the Dyer family and they remind me a lot of my own family.  2 girls about the same ages as mine, and decided that they didn't really want their pictures taken that day.  Sounds like my own 3 year old.  The baby was such a champ, and was worn out after 2 minutes, but never made a peep, just simply fell asleep.  How can you wake a peaceful baby???  The 3 year old was so stinkin cute and just wanted to make sure that no animals came near us during the shoot.  Thanks Leah for letting me do these! 


Leah and Mike said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures!!! You are so awesome! We appreciate it so much...especially since you had to put up with our stubborn little girl :) We love them!!

Mike, Jess and Max said...

I love the last one! So cute and squishy:)