Friday, November 13, 2009

So we're in our new house and trying to get used to Davis county, learning where everything is, and even where to go do photoshoots. I've heard of a lot of fun places, so I'm excited to get going again on photography.
I will be doing a handful of mini shoots for:
November 23rd
November 28th (yes, right after Thanksgiving)
It's short notice, but I tried to get some times open before the hustle and bustle of Christmas begins...or has it already started? :)
They will be about 25 minutes long and you will get about 8-10 images on a disc. Cost is $50.
Please email me if interested:
These are just mini shoots so if you are interested in scheduling a time other than what is listed, we can work that out as well, but they will be normal prices.

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Precious & Flyboy said...

Holl! Try Layton Park. Huge trees, tons of great spots to take pics...even in the snow, the pond with the geese is a great location. Good Luck! If I had extra dough, and I was skinnier we'd SO be there.